VPI Industries Prime 21 Turntable $5000 Review

October 1, 2021 § Leave a comment


Bass was also important in a very different way on Ron Carter’s Golden Striker, an intimate and very well recorded live album consisting of only bass, guitar, and piano. Each instrument was rendered well and in a tangible, three dimensional way. What was most surprising is how much body was rendered in the electric guitar, suggesting a rich and full lower midrange from the VPI. On ‘Candle Light’, the live club atmosphere is presented wonderfully, with each instrument providing natural sustain and decay. The table navigates the subtle low passage work of Ron Carter well, even when he plays in the pianissimo range, avoiding one-note bass. But, on the title track, the VPI is resolving and quick enough to pick up the buzz and rattle from guitarist Russell Malone’s vigorous strumming, contrasting it with the clean smooth tone of his later melodic solos.

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