Klipsch Forte IV loudspeaker Review

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The 3 Sounds are perhaps Blue Note’s only lost jazz act. No one cares for them outside of rappers looking for samples; their records go for a pittance. But between 1958 and 1971, pianist Gene Harris, bassist Andrew Simpkins, and drummer Bill Dowdy performed and recorded with an old school swing pulse that was engaging and relentless. They recorded nearly 20 albums for Blue Note and more for the Riverside, Mercury, and Limelight labels.

Feelin’ Good is prime 3 Sounds. Through the IVs, it captivated with rich, sparkling piano, tactile, snappy drums, and deep-rumbling acoustic bass. The IVs were coherent from midrange through the treble; the IIIs sounded more disconnected. Gene Harris’s piano sounded harder through the IIIs, and if Bill Dowdy’s drums seemed more integrated with the soundstage via the III, it was because the snare drum and cymbals were pushed forward and not because the drums were deeper in the stage.


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