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Let’s get to the thing why you are here today. What does the Legend Evo sound like?
From my custom Odin I knew that I needed to let the Weapon IX+ drivers get some serious play-time before the bass really settles. So I let these burn in for a couple of days (at least 100hrs) before I took serious listening sessions.

That doesn’t mean, that I didn’t give them a quick listen before they reached this time though. From start the bass was quite overwhelming and a little boomy, but after the burn in was complete, the drivers settled in and lows became tighter and faster. So definitely don’t judge these after they have reached their full performance.

Bass has a very important place in the sound signature of the Legend Evo. But it’s not that the Legend Evo is a bass only earphone, definitely not. The lows have spectacular quality, they reach very deep into the sub-bass with high resolution and precision. Overall bass is seated in a more forward position when you’re looking at the entire frequency response. Making it the center of most attention when you take your first listening sessions with it. There is excellent pump and drive in the lows, which makes listening to genres like Hip Hop or electronic a lot of fun.


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