Thrax Enyo Modular Integrated Amplifier $12,500 Review

October 12, 2021 Comments Off on Thrax Enyo Modular Integrated Amplifier $12,500 Review

Equally important, the Enyo’s sonic consistency and lack of coloration in its high-level input, phono, and digital modes are all notable. The phono and digital modules have very little sound character of their own, and the same is true of the passive preamp and tube power amp. The Enyo modules provide a clean, neutral sound; the power amp is also neutral, rather than a classic or “warm” tube amplifier. You don’t hear “new” aspects of the music in the upper midrange  and the highs. You hear what is on the recording. The lower midrange has equally accurate timbre, and there is no added emphasis on low-level detail, or tendency to provide more exciting dynamics than you find on the recording or source material. If you are looking for a unit that  changes or accentuates some aspect of your recordings, has a euphonic emphasis that suits your musical taste, or complements some favored coloration in your speaker or cartridge, this simply isn’t the unit for you. 


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