Antipodes Audio K50 music server Review

October 17, 2021 Comments Off on Antipodes Audio K50 music server Review

I listened to files on my NAS (accessed via Ethernet), the same files on the slide-in SSD, and streams from Tidal and Qobuz sourced, again, through Ethernet. Outputs included AES3, USB, and (very briefly) Ethernet. Noting that single AES3 cannot reliably transmit files >24/192 PCM or DSD higher than DSD64, I stuck with files that could be played with every combination and permutation available for testing (footnote 5).

I won’t bore you with a description of the unit’s front and rear panels; anyone who is interested in buying a music server can access for far more information than this review can hold. It suffices to say that the learning curve was steep and the time limited; the bugs and quirks of beta software, combined with the lack of a manual (which will probably be remedied by publication time), were a challenge. But in the end 


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