Audio Research VT100 power amplifier $4495 Review

November 1, 2021 Comments Off on Audio Research VT100 power amplifier $4495 Review

Timbral Coherence: With the VT100 it became irrelevant to speak about how the amplifier recreated the bass, the midrange, the highs. The amplifier did not break down a musical event into its component tonal parts. Given a good recording, the VT100 recreated the timbral architecture of the voice or instrument as a single, coherent musical event.

Given a very good recording, the VT100 caused me to throw my notebook away. I recently acquired a bunch of Classic Records jazz reissues and, using the VT100, set out to undertake a comparison of the LPs with my originals. With each recording, I lost sight of my mission. By the end of the listening sessions, I realized I’d never even bothered to dig out the originals. The Classic reissues sounded so lifelike I didn’t care what the originals sounded like.


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