Wells Audio Innamorata II Amplifier and Commander Line Stage Preamplifier $7000 Review

November 10, 2021 § Leave a comment

My listening room was designed from the start to provide a fairly close approximation of the Cardas Golden ratio, and was wired with dedicated outlets for the audio stack. I’ve since upgraded the setup with AudioQuest Edison NRG power outlets, and with the other AudioQuest Niagara equipment that I’ve been able to add, I’ve achieved an incredible level of quietness within my room and system. So I can easily discern any electronic hum or buzz coming from any particular piece of equipment within the room. A very slight hum emanated from each piece of the Wells Audio equipment that was clearly audible when standing near them, but was much less obvious from my listening position, which is about 18 feet from the equipment stack. During operation, no noticeable noise was present in the audio spectrum with either analog or digital sources. 

I run the LRS loudspeakers full range with a pair of subwoofers, a REL T1 and a Definitive Technologies Powerfield 1500, with no crossover employed between the loudspeakers and subs. Over the two years the LRS has been in my system, I’ve gotten the sub placement and levels dialed in to the point that playback is absolutely seamless with any musical genre. The LRS has the uncanny ability to produce shockingly loud SPLs with music that pushes levels that approach total realism for orchestral and even rock music. Which is completely surprising, especially for such a seemingly fragile technology that employs aluminum foil that’s glued to a mylar substrate. I’m pretty convinced that providing a great, high current amplified signal to the LRS is the key to getting perfect musical performance.

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