Alta Audio Alyssa Loudspeaker $5000 Review

November 16, 2021 § Leave a comment

Right away I knew I had a problem, the voluminous bass was overwhelming my modest listening room. It was troubleshooting time. So began a week of experimentation, first moving the speakers out significantly from the wall inch by inch (in the end I settled on 25 inches) and experimenting with various degrees of toe-in. I also experimented with the provided port plugs. Fully inserting the plugs seemed to make the speakers too anemic, inserting them about halfway was a much better compromise and will likely be the recommended route for anyone with a room smaller than mine, but I still favored the sound sans plugs, and changes in positioning helped balance things out. Image was the widest with no toe-in, but toeing the speakers in just a tad did help make the midrange more present. With the tricky positioning of this unique speaker mostly sorted, I sat down and did my best to analyze how these speakers portrayed music.

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