PSB Synchrony T600 loudspeaker Review

November 21, 2021 § Leave a comment

This work by Latvian composer Eriks Ešenvalds features a solo cello and an off-stage viola. The cello represents the composer’s late grandmother, to whom the work is dedicated, and the viola her soul. The choir is presented as a halo around the cello and notes the dedicatee’s passing by singing “In Paradisum” from the Catholic Requiem Mass. Producer Erik Lichte and I had worked hard at the sessions and in mixing to achieve the appropriate ethereal texture in the sound of the singers. The choir did indeed sound ethereal with the PSBs, with good weight to the basses. Memory is a fickle witness, of course, but the viola didn’t sound as distant as it had been when I played this track on Jason Victor Serinus’s Wilson Alexia 2s or when I reviewed the Magico M2s I was using when I mastered the 24/96 files for the CD release. To put this comment into perspective, those speakers are much more expensive than the Synchrony T600: The Wilson costs $57,900/pair, the Magico $63,600/pair. (Returns may be diminishing, but that doesn’t mean they are not real.) Also, there was a little more soundstage depth with the USB/JitterBug-connected Ayre QB-9 Twenty than there had been with the network-connected MBL N31.


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