November 22, 2021 § Leave a comment

The bass has good texture and impact and the tuning of the 7 mm driver is very nice and controlled. Lows have good resolution and rumble, with nice mid-bass and sub-bass balance. The fatter bass of the Nanna was a deal-breaker for genres like Jazz for instance, but the Baldr 2 has an excellently refined and controlled bass response.

So instead of the lift in the sub-bass area (Nanna), you get a more balanced and linear bass response with the Baldr 2. I’m hearing more and more dynamic drivers that are nicely refined and controlled lately (Softears Cerberus), so it’s a very good sign. The driver almost feels like BA one, with great dynamics and speed. So this is not a typical dynamic driver, it’s tuned smoothly and nicely here.


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