Kudos Audio Cardea C20 Loudspeaker Review

November 23, 2021 § Leave a comment


Unleash the third symphony through the C20s and I defy you not to be thrilled with the crisp detail of the orchestra and the great crashing weight of the organ from which the work takes its soubriquet. The orchestra has power enough in the opening movement, but when those big bass pipes start energising the air in the concert hall, the sheer slam of these speakers down in the bass, and the tinkling piano above, are equally breathtaking. What’s more, they manage all this exuberance and brio with total control, not even hardening up when the devil on your shoulder mutters ‘Wonder what that would sound like a bit louder…?’.

Common sense tells me that speakers this compact really shouldn’t sound so weighty, wide-open and totally compelling, let alone do so across a wide range of musical styles and partnering amplification. Clearly no-one told Kudos about common sense.


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