Wilson Alexx V Review

November 25, 2021 § Leave a comment

This has been done to make the speaker work better in many rooms and, honestly, I much prefer it over a speaker that has an audibly raised takeover point.

This design decision was the only minor observation that I could make. I wouldn’t even call it a flaw. In fact, if these speakers had any flaws, then I could not detect them. Just as well for a speaker that commands a starting price of 160.000 euros, I hear you say? Indeed, at that price level, one expects perfection. But if I have learned anything during all my years with audio equipment, it’s that perfection is rarely what one gets, even when the cost is no object.

Indeed, unless one desires the simple purity of a two-way or point-source speaker, and provided that one has the funds to obtain something in this price class, and the room supports them, the Alexx V ranks in the stratosphere where it is joined by only a handful of top-model speakers from brands such as Magico, YG Acoustics, and a few others.

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