December 8, 2021 Comments Off on SPL DIRECTOR MK2 PREAMPLIFIER/DAC $3,699 REVIEW

I found the SPL Director Mk2 to be well-engineered and sonically without blemish. If you are looking to set up a stereo system, the Director Mk2 would be a good choice if you prefer musical detail and dynamics to be paramount in your system. It doesn’t stream, but a streaming device can be hooked into it. Same with a turntable or headphones (which SPL also makes line stages for). VOLTAiR is more than a novelty as the sonics of the Director Mk2 were impressive. Pair this with a quality amplifier and you’re ready to go. With its detailed instructions, I would not hesitate to recommend this unit to a novice. I wish I had the Director Mk2 when I was in college, just getting into the stereo scene. You know, when VU meters first came out on all the cool receivers. The SPL Director Mk2 is a great balance of nostalgia and high-end audio.


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