MBL 126 $11,800 REVIEW

December 10, 2021 § Leave a comment

At just shy of twelve grand, plus those gorgeous stands, the 126 represents a considerable outlay, even amongst the high-flyers of the high end. Admittedly, I’ve sometimes struggled to justify the price versus the performance of more than a few components. However, that is not the case with the MBL 126. They exceeded my sonic and musical expectations by a wide margin. 

Let me conclude with an observation—it has to do with the way audiophiles and reviewers alike tend to downplay the achievements in the compact loudspeaker segment, reserving our highest praise for the latest statement or flagship product, creations suited only to the large audio canvas. Though MBL’s 126 is designed for the parlor rather than the palace, it’s as good as anything this esteemed company has ever made. In spite of its humble size, it is truly a statement loudspeaker of the first order. If you consider yourself a thoughtful audiophile and are preparing to take the plunge into this price range, don’t even consider making a move until you’ve auditioned the MBL 126. It is must listening. Hats off to Jürgen Reis and the MBL team. 


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