December 24, 2021 § Leave a comment

It was really hard to stop listening once I had my reference system going with the Core Power Technologies AV Equi=Core 1000, the sound was that good. Being a long-time tube lover I’m used to listening through that little bit of tube noise in the background and to have it removed was an absolute treat. From the moment I hooked it up, there was no question that the Equi=Core was having a huge effect. At a thousand Watts, the Equi=Core 1000 is perfect for demanding Personal Audio systems or for medium-sized two-channel loudspeaker systems. For a heavily amped multi-channel system you might want to move up to the Equi=Core 1800, and some amplifiers will demand a separate unit to themselves (though if you are running that kind of system, the added expense of another unit will be nothing as compared to the payoff in sound quality). As to value, at the current introductory price of $999, 


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