AGD Tempo di GaN Stereo Amplifier $5500 Review

January 1, 2022 § Leave a comment

Actually, the name is “Tempo di GaN” so the “GaN” is easily identified as the Gallium Nitride FETs that are used in the amp. And yes, “di” is “of”. The duality comes into play with “Tempo” which in one sense is the rhythm of music or “rhythm of GaN” which is noticeably faster than with MOSFET transistors. The rise time or attack of the recorded music seems the same as the real-time in which it was performed. The music happens “right now!” And it happens without audible overshoot or irritation. It gives the music an immediacy and presence unlike MOSFETs or tube amplification. And a sense of dynamics that are not “off the charts” but pretty much “define the charts.”

All of which is to say that the proper execution of GaNFET technology is a very significant step toward experiencing recorded music as “live.” It doesn’t give us everything we need (yet?), but it seems to have conquered issues around pace, rhythm, and timing just as computer-regulated speed control has done for analog turntables and digital front ends. Resolution is as sharp as electrostatic speakers give us in the midrange and treble, and stays just as sharp into the low bass.

If you get the sense that I’m telling you GaNFET transistors are a game-changer, you’ve stumbled onto the second half of Alberto’s double entendre. “Tempo” is also “time” and yes, this is the era of GaNFET technology — not only for high-end audio, but other fields as well. There will always be lovers of tube technology, just as there are still lovers of sailboats, but if you are in the solid-state camp, either as a manufacturer or a listener, you need to be listening with GaNFETs.


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