ZELLATON Plural Evo Loudspeakers $69,750 Review

January 7, 2022 § Leave a comment

Digging down a little deeper into the cabinet design reveals another type of sandwich. The Plural Evo cabinet is made of three different types and layers of wood to reduce the material’s sound. These include high quality MDF, armored wood sandwich and vibration insulation. The woods are of different thicknesses and key positions in the cabinet are reinforced with metal plates. Internal reinforcements and bracing are asymmetrical throughout to reduce cabinet vibration to an absolute minimum. ZELLATON uses a special Laser Doppler vibrometer to measure the speaker’s vibrations down to the square centimeter.

Finally, ZELLATON eschews conventional philosophy of spiking speakers and prefers instead to use coupling in concert with energy draining. ZELLATON in the Plural Evos opted to use rounded feet on the bottom of the speaker in concert with discs reduce energy; a side benefit is this works better with carpeting.

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