MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL X Loudspeaker £4995 Review

January 9, 2022 § Leave a comment

This is more observation than criticism, as I’m wary of expecting too much from a loudspeaker at this price that performs so admirably in other areas. For instance, the EM-ESL X steers clear of HF nasties. Hi-hats and cymbals were always distinct and well separated, avoiding splash or brightness. Metallica’s ‘Dyer’s Eve’, which closes an album famed for a treble-heavy ‘scooped’ guitar tone […And Justice For All; Vertigo 836062-2] was perhaps more listenable than I’ve ever heard it, helped by the EM-ESL X’s speedy transducer keeping its frantic rhythms and riffs astonishing clear.

Lastly, for a simple five-minute demonstration of what this loudspeaker can do, give Elton John’s ‘Honky Cat’ [Honky Chateau; Mercury 528 162-2] a whirl. Huge piano accompaniment, dynamic trombone and saxophone hits, a drum track that sounds almost three-dimensional and Reginald Dwight throwing out rhyming couplets right into your listening room. It sounded… electrifying.

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