Q Acoustics Q Active 200 Loudspeaker Review

January 10, 2022 § Leave a comment


To sum up, Q Acoustics’ Q Active 200 system is a fascinatingly different design, and I enjoyed my sojourn with it. It’s dead-perfect for the listener who might otherwise buy a brand-S or brand-B (or a Google or Amazon or Apple) all-in-one, but desires, and is willing to pay for, something much better, which this system most decidedly is. Could you, for the same money, get a bit better performance from conventionally wired passive speakers? Certainly, but you will sacrifice the integration, simplicity, and, of course, wireless-ness. And you’ll need to spend significant bucks for sources and for amplifiers as well. For anyone who finds the Q Active 200’s just- add-music concept alluring, I strongly recommend pursuing a serious audition.


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