Velodyne MicroVee X Review

January 13, 2022 § Leave a comment

The Velodyne-typical “Digital Drive Control System” (DDCS) is supposed to ensure extremely low distortion. It should be clear that the MicroVee X, which weighs almost ten kilograms, was not designed to be combined with floorstanding speakers the size of telephone booths or extremely loud low bass orgies. Let‘s be honest here: everyone wants bass, but you wouldn‘t want to see an accompanying or even necessary subwoofer.

The MicroVee X is an ideal, extremely ambience-friendly solution for helping a rather compactly designed music system or even a small home theater corner to significantly more emphasis in the lower registers – and that already in its third generation. It can indeed do this with an astonishing authority and sovereignty. In contrast to many a competitor that works around dominant frequencies and is also larger, it reveals itself to posses an extremely subtle spirit. Through physics, the sub furthermore also ensures that the impression of spaciousness can be dramatically improved when using it. Lower tones indeed suggest a much larger room. Textures in the bass, for example from the classic albums “Crime Of The Century” by Supertramp, Pink Floyd‘s “The Wall” or “Rumours” by “Fleetwood Mac”– which I probably know better than any other record – can be followed very clearly and cleanly with the MicroVee. And what about some “Boom” in the home theater? No problem either, in fact, quite the contrary. As a very good addition to smaller speakers, it com

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