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Dan Clark Audio Stealth Review

The Stealth’s pads are wonderfully constructed and are equally comfortable. While they share the overall shape of the pads on the Aeon series, they’re quite different. For starters, they’re angled – there’s more width at the back of the pads which forces the driver to have a more ‘speaker-like’ direction towards your ears. Next, there’s a couple of different materials in use here. An extremely soft vegan leather is used for the outside surfaces of the pad, and a very fine suede is used for the inner surfaces of the pads, as well as the surface that rests against your head. The Stealth’s pads are supple, premium-feeling and ultimately extremely comfortable. Full marks here. I must note that unlike some manufacturers who equip their high-end headphones with easily removable/swappable pad systems, the Stealth (like other DCA headphones) uses a simple adhesive system that allows them to be peeled off and stuck back on several times. I don’t see why you’d ever want to replace them, but while somewhat inelegant I guess it makes for the best airtight seal.

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