CH Precision • L1 Preamplifier and A1.5 Stereo Amplifier $39,500 Review

January 19, 2022 § Leave a comment

Where does all this fit into the overall scheme of things? If the CH Precision I1 integrated amplifier gave a hint of what the gear upstream in the CH Precision line sounds like, the L1 and A1.5 are like a full menu at Arpege in Paris (11 courses) or Atelier Crenn in San Francisco (14 courses). As with when dining at these restaurants, all you need is one experience and you are left with an impression, no matter what your level of experience or sophistication, that will remain with you for a lifetime. Like the L1 and A1.5, those meals are not for (or attainable by) everyone. Unless you skimp on the wine pairing, you will be looking to drop $1000 per person at either restaurant. The L1 and A1.5 are expensive. They might be the entry point as far as CH Precision separates are concerned, but they are still genuinely aspirational components, ones that will likely require some effort and expense to hear in a showroom or system. But they are innately musical in a way that is incredibly hard to find elsewhere. Are they 10 Series beaters? Of course not. To carry the food analogy a step further, the M10 provides a world tour, embracing a seemingly endless procession of equally impressive culinary opportunities. However, the CH Precision A1.5 shares the M10’s DNA and shares its fundamental magic. While you can label the L1 and A1.5 as “entry level” in CH Precision terms, perhaps it’s more accurate to think of the pair as entry-level ultra-high-end audio, marking, as they do, a step up in musical expectation


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