Technics Reference Class SU-R1000 Integrated Amplifier-DAC $9499 Review

January 22, 2022 § Leave a comment

There was excellent delineation between the lead and backing vocals and synthesized instrumentation on the frenetic “Sledgehammer,” but it was the SU-R1000’s ability to make the voices appear holographically in space before me with arresting realism that made me really take notice. The vocals of Gabriel and Kate Bush on “Don’t Give Up” sounded smoother and more natural than I am used to hearing them on this track, even when compared to high-resolution digital files. Bush’s translucent vocals floated gracefully between the speakers, while Gabriel’s less melodic but emotive voice provided a more solid but equally affecting aural image. There was a richness and fluidity to Tony Levin’s unhurried bass line that infused the entire track with a melancholy, but perfectly timed, foundation. And while the SU-R1000 was able to deftly convey that measured but slightly muted character of Levin’s bass, it was also able to make the electronic keyboards on “That Voice Again” sparkle with remarkable clarity. Playing back DSD64 files of tracks from So provided better low-frequency control and slightly more precise imaging, but the smooth, more relaxed sound that the SU-R1000 wrought from vinyl was always beguiling and quite remarkable, considering the relatively modest Pro-Ject turntable and cartridge


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