Parasound JC 5 Stereo Power Amplifier $5999 Review

January 25, 2022 Comments Off on Parasound JC 5 Stereo Power Amplifier $5999 Review

Finally, Pink Floyd seems a fantastic way to cap off this listening session. Taking a hi-res listen to 1977’s Animals album, “Sheep” (24-bit/192kHz) I focus in. I may be at the very edge of the class A threshold as I ease the volume up a notch on my preamp and ease back in my chair. Instantly, this song becomes more engaging and percussive than I have ever heard it before. Waters’ bass guitar has more attack, Wright’s keyboard fills the room, and Gilmour’s guitar has a razor sharpness to it in the rhythm sections. In the center section (“The Lord is my shepherd…”) I can hear a vocal part that I’ve never quite heard before. There is simply a raised level of definition being produced by the Parasound JC 5.

Wrapping it Up

Many components come along that sit well in our systems and become an integral part of them, even increasing our joy in what we are hearing. However, on rare occasion, we unbox and plug in a piece that truly elevates our entire listening experience—this sums up my time with the Parasound JC 5. Yes, at $5999, it represents an investment that one might also consider elevated, though I find it to be worth every cent of that asking price. Considering the build quality, the design, the parts within, and most importantly, the sound of this power amplifier, $6k is a bargain for what you’re getting in the JC 5.


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