February 2, 2022 Comments Off on BRYSTON BP2-20 MM/MC PHONO PREAMP REVIEW

In my estimation, the Bryston BP2-20 MM/MC is a top-flight example of what a phono stage should be. Unlike some phono preamps that provide so much adjustability that they become almost glorified tone controls; the BP2-20 is focused on simply amplifying those tiny cartridge voltage inputs in the cleanest, most robust manner possible. And while keeping distortion and noise levels impressively low it also manages to remain musical and full sounding with several different cartridge combinations. Its design also has plenty of headroom, pretty much guaranteeing you will not find an LP groove big enough to overload BP2-20 regardless of the cartridge used. No, the Bryston is not an inexpensive proposition, but its performance is competitive, and in some cases superior, to a few more expensive phono stages out there. If you are an inveterate tweaker then the BP2-20 may not satisfy your urges to dial in just the right sound. If you simply want to enjoy some of the best sound possible from your vinyl, without expending a ton of effort (or grief), the Bryston BP2-20 MM/MC is right up your alley. It could quite easily be the first and last phono stage you’ll ever need.


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