NXEars Opera Earphones Review

February 4, 2022 § Leave a comment

Many travel cases that come with in-ears are virtually useless, except for providing a place to put your earphones when they’re not in your ears. The NXEars case is much better, being a hardshell, so it provides some protection. Inside the case is a foam block into which you can place each earpiece, so it doesn’t roll around inside the case. This is important because the primary reason that balanced armatures eventually fail is trauma that knocks the internal elements out of alignment. This foam block is a design detail that should heighten Opera’s longevity and that all BA in-ear cases should employ, though few do.

The Opera has a sensitivity rating of 100dB with 18-ohm average impedance, which places it among the easy-to-drive but not most-sensitive category of in-ears. In comparison, the most-sensitive CIEMs in my collection, the Empire Ears Zeus, have a 115dB sensitivity. While custom in-ears, such as the Zeus, offer multiple colors and finishes, currently the Opera comes in only one color, an attractive “Stardust” blue, which is translucent enough to let you see inside, but dark enough so that the Opera doesn’t resemble a 3-D schematic. The dark blue is punctuated by metallic sparkles, so it brings to mind Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”


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