Topping Pre90 line preamplifier Review

February 23, 2022 § Leave a comment

I bought three Pre90s. In principle, the volume on all three Pre90s can be controlled with a single carefully aimed remote control and monitored via the numbers on the front-panel display. But I tried that approach with the Benchmark LA4 and found it a less-than-ideal solution. It’s not ideal because the volume can easily get out of synch among the three preamps, and we already know that the Pre90’s remote control is finicky.

With the Benchmark preamplifiers, I improved things by buying an IR receiver/splitter on the internet for about $20. This little box accepts a tiny, wired IR sensor as input and has four tiny, wired IR transmitters as outputs. I attached one transmitter to the IR sensor on each of the three Benchmark LA4s. It’s a bit of a kludge, but it worked. I intend to try the same thing with the Topping preamps.


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