Rotel RA-1592MKII Integrated Amplifier Review

March 3, 2022 Comments Off on Rotel RA-1592MKII Integrated Amplifier Review

In fact, Rotel’s RA-1592MKII proved a very capable all-rounder even if its digital section lacked just a little of the sparkle I recalled from the costlier Michi X3. The latter edged home on ultimate sound quality even if it’s still bettered on format compatibility by a few relatively affordable external DACs. As is the RA-1592MKII, although it remains more than good enough for most needs and will serve well anyone wanting to explore just what their computer can do when connected to a high quality amp.

Meanwhile, used as a purely analogue amplifier, this beefy new Rotel integrated is good enough to justify its price even if you’re never going to use its digital section, and should definitely be considered if you fancy a Michi X3 but want to save yourself some cash


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