darTZeel NHB-108 model two power amplifier $53,000 Review

March 19, 2022 § Leave a comment


DarTZeel’s NHB-108 model two, the latest iteration of darTZeel’s first product, is among the most satisfyingly musical amplifiers to ever sing in my system. Rather than hit you over the head with its strengths, it seduces with its exceptional embrace of music’s essence. Details frequently submerged in the sonic fabric surface with a delicacy and rightness that illumine what you’ve previously been missing. This holds true for intimate solo vocals, classical chamber music, and big-boned rock, jazz, orchestral music, and opera. Especially when paired with its matching NHB-18NS preamplifier and top-line Zeel 50 ohm BNC interconnects, the NHB-108 model two sounds disarmingly transparent, real, present, and alive.

When matched with speakers that present challenging loads to amplifiers, the NHB-108 model two’s bass can’t equal that from more powerful amplifiers. Some who fall under its spell may be tempted to follow Delétraz’s advice and change their speakers. There is an inherently nonmechanical, organic flow to the NHB-108 model two’s golden sound that will keep enticing many a music lover back for more.


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