JBL 4309 Loudspeaker Review

March 21, 2022 Comments Off on JBL 4309 Loudspeaker Review


In absolute terms – and here we’re talking about speakers both much larger and considerably pricier – these little JBLs do give away something in terms of rib-tickling weight, but then what would you expect with their dinky 165mm mid/bass drivers? What they do well, however, is cover their tracks with a sound so well-integrated and balanced that their sins of omission are easily overlooked, especially in smaller spaces where they shift more than enough air to turn on the thrills. And all this while delivering fine detail and bite in the midband and treble. Also, for the record, having tried them with the treble turned up and down, I returned to the default setting for the best balance of attack and sweetness.

And yes, my friend, they can certainly rock, as was proved with I Don’t Live Here Anymore, the big-production latest set from The War On Drugs [Atlantic SEL 2-666913]. There’s just so much going on here, and yet JBL’s 4309s do a great job of revealing the detail in the dense, retro-tinged mixes while still keeping the music moving along smartly. ’80s sound meets ’70s-styled speakers? Perfect!


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