March 22, 2022 Comments Off on NOBLE AUDIO FOKUS PRO REVIEW

This is the most impressive side of the FoKus Pro. I don’t know if it’s the configuration or wizard’s magic, the unit has a really solid technical foundation and it should be a reference for future TWS earphones. The soundstage feels wide and relatively deep. The positioning of the instruments feels accurate and the separation is impressive. The PRaT is solid, the unit has good attack and decay, handles congestion with ease, and does not feel claustrophobic with any genre. The tonal balance is quite good too if you don’t mind EQ’ing the bass response a couple of decibels. The FoKus Pro is the most capable TWS that I’ve listened to, period. In fact, I was starting to lose hope in the development of wireless earphones. Thanks to Noble, I now am reminded that much better products can be launched into this industry and I am once again looking forward to the future.


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