Audeze LCD-5 Planar Magnetic Headphone Review

March 23, 2022 Comments Off on Audeze LCD-5 Planar Magnetic Headphone Review

I can see some listeners maybe even finding the headphone right on the edge of too-detailed, but I didn’t think this was the case. I loved how much texture these headphones draw out of every frequency range and every genre of music. It’s addictive, though it does speak more to the analytical, gear-loving side of my brain than some dynamic headphones, which seem to focus my attention more on spatial qualities or a softer presentation. The LCD-5 won’t hide any warts in your recordings.

Soundstage on the very best DACs and amps gave me a sense of height, width and immersion in recordings that was novel for me. I tried some VR, Ambisonics and Dolby content on these and had to pick my jaw off the floor. The LCD-5’s extreme resolving, dynamic and spatial characteristics make it ideally suited to immersive audio experiences which are not merely impressive or enjoyable, but which seemed to erase any hint of gimmick and substitute it for reality. Well-heeled gaming nuts and immersive audio pros may find the LCD-5 a revelatory listen.


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