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Secondly, the shell of the product is in the medium-large size category and cannot be said to be very compact, so if you are among small-eared Headfonians, I must say that you should consider the fit issue. Apart from that, the nozzle of the earphone is not very long. Final has designed the earphone not to fully enter the canal, but to sit comfortably at the entrance. Frankly, I did not encounter any comfort problems even though I listened to it non-stop until the battery was completely dead. During my time with it, I also had the chance to go to the gym with the ZE3000 a few times, even during intense cardio it managed to stay firmly and comfortably in my ear. In general, the tips that come with it are a little small compared to the JVC Spiral Dots that I normally use, so I preferred the largest size ear tip.

Let’s go back to the design elements of the earphone. The ZE3000 comes with an interesting finish. Final named this coating “Shibo”. “Shibo” means crease on paper or leather in Japanese. Sony’s mirrorless cameras have a similar finish and look quite stylish. I see the same texture on the charging case as well and overall, the product feels unique and sets itself apart from other earphones in this price range.


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