Thorens TD 202 Turntable Package £599  Review

April 6, 2022 § Leave a comment

However, the midband is this deck’s core strength. Rarely thrown off course here, even this modestly high energy indie dance music came over in a tidy if not exactly super-detailed fashion. I enjoyed the way that the lead vocal line appeared in the centre of the mix, with a very natural texture. I also liked the reproduction of the chiming keyboards too, which had plenty of energy and impetus.

It’s only when you focus in on the ‘hi-fi aspects’ of the TD 202 that you become aware of its slight cloudiness. Soundstaging, for example, is also a bit narrower than the sort of three-dimensional experience you’d expect from a good mid-price design but while the TD 202 sounds a little shut in, in absolute terms, there’s still plenty of music to take in and enjoy.


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