April 7, 2022 § Leave a comment

One of the most difficult products to find in the world of audio today is a speaker that can deliver full-range music and do so with a degree of affordability. The audio world has also, in the last few years, seen a resurgence in two-channel audio. The golden age of two-channel was the late 70s. In that era, one of the most widely sought-after speakers was the Acoustic Research AR-90. It sold for $1,100 per pair or about $4,200 per pair in 2022 dollars. It was reasonably accurate, delivered 32Hz bass, and could play loud if one had a powerful enough amplifier. I had a lot of experience with those ARs during my college days from 1978-82. They were a speaker that, if one mentioned owning them, one received instant approval as an audiophile who knew how to rock n’ roll. Advent, Acoustic Research, Altec Lansing, and Electro-voice were all known for having audiophile speakers that were desirable, powerful, and affordable. Those wonderful speaker companies no longer make products that fill the need for a full range, two-channel system.


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