Conrad-Johnson ART 150 Stereo Amplifier $19,500 Review

April 10, 2022 Comments Off on Conrad-Johnson ART 150 Stereo Amplifier $19,500 Review

The ART 150’s performance envelope isn’t limited to solo voice or small-scale instrumental recordings. Its ample power supply (with ten times the capacitance of the original ART Series) provides the requisite muscle to deliver the instantaneous current that takes large-scale, complex, and demanding musical passages by the scruff of the neck and shows them who’s boss. A term I’ve coined after living with big floorstanding Dynaudios for a number of years is “dynamic slam”: the ability to quickly, cleanly, and effortlessly scale from pianissimo to fortissimo, and, man, the ART 150 has sure got it. 

“Asturias (Leyenda)”on Isaac Albeniz’s Suite Española performed by the New Philharmonia Orchestra [Decca, CAPC 6355 SA] is presented with such drive and immediacy that you feel you’re sitting in the orchestra rather than the audience. At the big crescendos, the brass and timpani have the speed and power of a crack of thunder; the cymbal crashes are shimmering and clean. 


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