PureAudioProject Trio15 Coax10 open-baffle speakers $8,250 Review

April 17, 2022 Comments Off on PureAudioProject Trio15 Coax10 open-baffle speakers $8,250 Review

The Trio15 Coax10 does not accomplish the full range, single point source sound signature perfectly. It obviously cannot, as there are two huge 15” woofers flanking the 10” driver. The ear perceives this, especially when bass-infused music is heard. However, this is not a problem, except for those who are willing to eschew lower frequencies in search of a perfect point source sound. You simply cannot have it both ways; the closest you can come is with a speaker like the Tannoy Glenair, which I reviewed back in 2008. But like the Glenair, with the Horn1 you are making a more difficult match of the 1.4” polymer tweeter to the 15” woofer. It works, and to many persons’ ears is a splendid result. But, by necessity, it leaves some room for improvement in the midrange and mid-bass, and that is where the Coax10 shines.

One of my system-building principles is that unless absolutely necessary, I will not be without deep bass, and ideally not without LF, i.e. lower than 20Hz from high-resolution audio files. I see those frequencies as necessary to grasping the extent of the performance. If it is a choice between having the pure point source with only a 10” driver or the PAP design with assistance from the 15” drivers, I will opt for the presence of the 15” drivers, because elimination of the bigger drivers forfeits not only the reproduction of those low frequencies, but also the potential for the tactile sense created by deeper and stronger bass. I do not wish to have a large set of forward firing open-air headphones, but a speaker system!


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