Audio-Technica ATH-ADX5000 Review

April 18, 2022 Comments Off on Audio-Technica ATH-ADX5000 Review

This comparison is a little more difficult. First, the HD800S is much, much more position and seal-dependent than the ATH-ADX5000, the HD6XX, or the Clear. Second, the HD800S I purchased don’t measure as well as the pair I reviewed earlier. Third, the right spot to anchor the graphs for comparison isn’t as obvious with the HD800S as for HD6XX or the Clear. Those issues aside, the ATH-ADX5000’s “W”-shape still predominates. However, the magnitude of the differences around 500 Hz and 2 kHz differ from both previous comparisons. Most notably, the HD800S’s downward slope from the lower-to-upper midrange minimizes the 2 kHz divergence seen with the other cans. While it’s not a large difference, the ATH-ADX5000’s low bass doesn’t roll off quite as fast as the HD800S’s — a characteristic of the latter that’s often bemoaned. In the treble region, the two cans seem to have a lot in common, except that the ATH-ADX5000 doesn’t fall above 12 kHz the way the HD800S does.


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