Canton Vento 100 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Review

April 20, 2022 Comments Off on Canton Vento 100 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Review

To test its competence in the field of coarse dynamics, we of course listened to the legendary “TriCycle”, with which the Vento skillfully pins you into your seat. Tori Amos with her Montreux debut and the delicate sounds therein however also enchants the listeners, while the changing tempos in “Music” by the sadly recently deceased John Miles, for example, just pull you along with them. And cantatas from Bach are presented with a filigree lightness that provides sheer pleasure. The aspect of agility has increased even more in the new Vento, that’s for sure. A possible tonal weakness can also simply not be detected in the speaker, especially since the measurement diagram once again almost perfectly looks as if it was made with a ruler and thus stands to certify the highest possible balance.

It might sound obvious, but of course this Vento is the best of all time thus far – excluding the Reference K models, from which its development unquestionably benefited, for obvious reasons. Titanium graphite marks a further step towards the ceramic cone materials, that’s also for sure. It is a kind of intermediate step in making the membrane even better compared to the preceding generation. The difference in sound quality compared to the Reference is certainly no longer as great as the difference in price.


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