Denafrips Hyperion Power Amplifier Review

April 21, 2022 Comments Off on Denafrips Hyperion Power Amplifier Review

The Hyperion doesn’t jump out and assert itself in an immediate way. When it does make itself known it does so in a dignified manner. For context, it’s presentation sat right in between the two other amps I had on hand for comparison. Compared to the Cambridge EVO 150, rated at almost double the wattage, the Hyperion sounded similar at low or moderate volume. At higher volumes the Denafrips was a touch warmer in the bass, smoother in the midrange and silkier in the highs. This occasionally came at the expense of some soundstage dimensionality. My Parasound HCA-750A brought plenty of that old school Class A/B grit and liveliness but couldn’t compete with the Hyperion in terms of micro details. This becomes a matter of taste and equipment matching which leads me to thoughts on the speaker pairings I had available.

The soundstaging ability of the Focal Aria K2 936 kept things three dimensional when driven by the Hyperion. The tight bass response also proved a good match. The Aria’s gnarly impedance curve was no sweat for the Hyperion. With my Wharfedale Diamonds I preferred the more balanced Cambridge EVO 150, but this is because the Diamonds are a little loose in the midbass but more importantly, the Hyperion deserves higher-end company. Don’t rely on its sticker price as a benchmark. This is an amp meant to play with big league speakers. Just look for speakers with clean, responsive bass and avoid overly


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