Denafrips Apollo Power Amp Review

April 25, 2022 Comments Off on Denafrips Apollo Power Amp Review

The magnificent ESOTERIC Japan remastering of Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen (14 SACDs—selling for up to 5K on Ebay!) was a perfect foil for the Denafrips, Das Rheingold, especially. As the opening musical description of the River Rhine (a never ending low Eb on 4 string basses) continues, the Apollo was able to separate the cellos from distinct timbre of the basses—Wagner changes the orchestral voicing to represent the rise of the Rhienmaidens from the bottom of the river. This is a tough test for any amplifier. Pass.

As for the comparative testing, the Rowland was 10K and my MBL runs $17,600. Both should be a step up in refinement. Examples from Boulder and Dagostino Master Systems, two of the top solid staters in the business, run into the post $50K price range. So, the Apollo matching the more expensive tube Allnic or even approaching the Rowland sound for only $3700 makes it a stonking high end bargain.


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