Monolith by Monoprice 13-Inch THX Ultra Certified Subwoofer $1,700 Review

May 1, 2022 § Leave a comment

Film sound, of course, is a big incentive in most purchases of subwoofers of this bulk, but I had little doubt of the 13THX’s capabilities in that sphere. I streamed a variety of bass-active titles with great effect, including the more-than-usually ridiculous Amazon sci-fi-er The Tomorrow War. The first five minutes are a flat-out bass-fest, with every kind of movie soundtrack low-end effect on parade: explosive shockwaves, ominous rumbles, time-machine vibrations, and musical-score bottom-octaves. Unsurprisingly, the 13THX reeled all this off, at THX-ref levels, without breaking a sweat or emitting any uncouth boom, bloat, or burp.

I also spun through a handful of favorite bass demo scenes that hold up to the light of memory, including T-Rex footfalls from Jurassic Park and the train/bus crash from The Fugitive. One that I rarely omit is the cannon-practice scene from Master and Commander. With the Monolith on duty, the sharp, open-air crack of ignition was as startlingly crisp as I remembered, while the very low-frequency underpinnings were as prominent, and as deeply resonant, as I’ve ever experienced.

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