May 2, 2022 Comments Off on ASTELL&KERN ACRO CA1000 REVIEW

I can understand why the team at Astell&Kern settled on the phrase “Carriable Headphone Amp” to stick on the box – there really isn’t anything else succinct enough to describe quite what the ACRO CA1000 is, or what it can do. But, it’s far more comprehensive than simply a headphone amp that you can pick up and move around with you. To describe it simply, Astell&Kern have taken the screen, functionality and digital smarts of one of their higher-end DAPs, and melded it with a desktop-ready discrete headphone amplifier with enough grunt and multiple outputs that make it ready for pairing with anything from IEMs, to hard-to-drive headphones. And with multiple digital inputs, Bluetooth and wifi capability, plus RCA analogue inputs and outputs, the ACRO CA1000 is also ready to function as an audiophile-grade DAC and preamplifier upstream of other audio equipment, such as power amplifiers or powered monitors. 


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