Børresen Acoustics 05 Silver Supreme Edition Review

May 8, 2022 § Leave a comment

Nevertheless, I should attempt to draw up a brief description of the sonic outcome. Only the Goebel Aeon, whose bending wave driver reproduces the range from 160 to over 30,000 Hertz, had previously played so homogeneously and seamlessly in my listening room. The 05 SSEs definitely stand up to these also in terms of transient reproduction and speed. In addition, the Børresen flooded the room with perfectly proportioned low-frequency energy. And that is by no means a matter of course in my room: The upper bass range always seemed a bit too light, no matter on which high level the speakers performed in other disciplines. Already with the LumenWhite DiamondLight I longed for a bit more warmth in this frequency band, while the Goebels could do a touch better here as well. I don’t know what the reason is, but with the Børresens there are no disturbing first reflections in spite of their placement close to the side walls, and they also compensate for the room-related frequency dip quite naturally. They seem to be largely immune to the influences of their surroundings. But all this is far surpassed by the large, precise and three-dimensional sonic image the 05 SSE is capable to display: This is absolutely amazing!

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