First Watt F8 Design Background Review

May 9, 2022 § Leave a comment

If it hasn’t already become apparent to the reader of this review, I will state clearly my take-home. The First Watt F8 is not only a great all-around amplifier, it’s also quite a triumph of design. Nelson Pass has again succeeded in designing something that is different enough from its stable mates to be truly interesting and enjoyable while still pushing the envelope of amplifier design and implementation.

While I love both the F7 and the SIT 3 for that unique listening experience each can provide, I find the First Watt F8 to be the almost perfect all-around amplifier for the two stereophonic setups that I spend most of my time enjoying. That it can be swapped between two such different speaker systems and still provide an equally satisfying and engrossing listening experience is remarkable.

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