Aperion Audio Super Tweeters Review

May 11, 2022 § Leave a comment


I wasn’t a big fan of the pricier dual ribbon model. By measurement it actually began rolling off closer to 15kHz than to the 20kHz plus of the other two. But few of us are likely to be very sensitive above 15kHz, and there’s not a lot of source material that goes significantly higher (sorry, high-res fans). Nor did its rear-reflection capability add any audible benefits for me. But that might be different in another setup in a different room.

One issue I did find, particularly on the Aluminum Ribbon, is that the tweeters weren’t all that well matched. Each required different crossover and level settings for identical measurements. (I did swap them left and right to insure that the measured differences weren’t room or position related; they weren’t). This suggests that the ribbons themselves might not be tightly matched. The different settings available did ultimately result in a good match, however, and even in the same settings, without the benefit of measurement-matching, the differences were unlikely to be audibly obvious.


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