Luxman M-10X power amplifier $19,995 Review

May 12, 2022 Comments Off on Luxman M-10X power amplifier $19,995 Review

My final comparison was with the GoldenEar speakers, using the chamber orchestra version of Copland’s Appalachian Spring, which I had recorded live at the 1995 Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival. This was the first recording I made with the microphone array that was to become my go-to for live recording projects: a central ORTF pair of cardioids flanked by two omnidirectionals, with the outputs of the two pairs time-aligned in the mix. The cardioids give a stable, accurate stereo image with the omnis adding low-frequency bloom. From the hushed opening through to the joyful “Simple Gifts” melody, the Luxman and Parasounds both produced the clear, stable image of the orchestra in Santa Fe’s St. Francis Auditorium that I had worked to create. Both amplifiers correctly placed the woodwinds and piano behind the strings, and the occasional cough from the audience was placed well back in the soundstage with both the Luxman and Parasounds. The presentation of the cellos and basses was similarly articulate. I was hard put to choose one model of amplifier over the other.


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