KEF LS60 Wireless HiFi System

June 2, 2022 Comments Off on KEF LS60 Wireless HiFi System

The digital part of the LS60 Wireless is very close to the LS50. The same input platform is used (my guess is StreamUnlimited card) and the same reasonable restrictions are in place. A wired Ethernet connection between the speakers enables up through 24/192 playback, while a wireless connection is good up through 24/96. The speakers support receiving 24/384 and DSD, but this will be not be played natively. 

Given that these speakers have internal digital signal processing (KEF calls its DSP suite the Music Integrity Engine), the input of anything above 24/96, or even DSD, is likely going to be downconverter anyway for processing. Not a big deal at all because the benefit of this DSP will greatly outweigh any real or perceived benefit of the higher resolution music. 


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