Vivid Audio G1 Spirit Loudspeakers Review

June 3, 2022 Comments Off on Vivid Audio G1 Spirit Loudspeakers Review

My obvious conclusion is that the Vivid Audio G1 Spirit loudspeakers are capable of simply magnificent transparency. I’m completely convinced. Does this come down to the acoustically slick enclosure design that mitigates any edge diffraction? Is it the driver complement, purpose-engineered and built specifically for these Vivid speakers? Or is it the result of some kind of magic that Laurence Dickie himself has conjured like Harry Potter into his flagship product? I can’t give you the answers to any of those questions (although I know for a fact that Laurence doesn’t look much like Harry). What I can tell you is that Vivid’s G1 Spirit loudspeakers are equipped with a resolving capability that is truly groundbreaking. And gosh, do they ever make dissecting the differences between connected electronics an absolute cinch.

My takeaway on the Vivids is this: The G1 Spirits will allow anyone to hear the true stereophonic beauty of the equipment they’ve so carefully assembled in their listening room. And since that beauty is only displayed when a system is actually playing back music, it’s the music lover who ultimately wins when listening to Vivid’s G1 Spirits.


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