Simaudio Moon Voice 22 Loudspeakers Review

June 4, 2022 Comments Off on Simaudio Moon Voice 22 Loudspeakers Review

After a few weeks in the living room, I moved the 22s up to my main listening room, which is bigger—the ceiling is 8′ high again, but the main listening space is about 16′ wide by 18′ long. On top of that, the listening space behind my main listening chair opens into another 16′ by 18′ space that I use for storage. The speakers were atop the BBC stands, placed about 9′ apart from each other and 9′ from the listening chair, thus forming an equilateral triangle. The backs of the speakers were about 7′ from the wall behind them and 5′ to the walls beside them. This kind of setup puts small speakers at a severe disadvantage because they can’t benefit from room gain due to the significant speaker-to-wall distances, but it does allow me to hear more of the speakers and less of the room.

Powering the 22s through QED Supremus speaker cables was the Purifi Audio Eigentakt engineering-sample power amp I wrote about in September 2020. Driving the amp was an Anthem STR preamp-DAC (ARC room correction turned off), fed by streamed and SSD-stored digital music files from an Asus Zenbook UX303U laptop via a USB connection. Other cables and accessories were from Crystal Cable and Shunyata Research, as outlined in the equipment listing at the end of this review.


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